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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Service

It's very interesting to talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What is SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages so that search engines can quickly find out what your website is all about. There are 2 types of optimization: Onpage Optimization and Offpage Optimization. We need both of them.

As SEO Consultant we can help you to optimize your website. We offer affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service. There are 3 major Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Currently our service is focused on Google. Your website will be listed on the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We are supporting Corporate Gifts Singapore.




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Web Design and Web Development Service

If you still don't have a website yet, we offer affordable Web Design and Web Development. If you want to develop your website by yourself, simply you can choose from our web design templates collection. Our Web Design Templates starts from $14.7 USD. But if you want us to develop a website for you, we can help you to build a professional website. Our Web Development Service starts from $20 USD/page.




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SEO Service plus

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Here we offer our Main Service: SEO Service. But we also offer Web Design and Web Development Service. So we call our service: "SEO Service plus". For details information about our services please click those links or click two buttons "Read More" on the left column of this page.

We also have a Blog that provide the News about SEO and Internet Marketing, Make Money Online tips, SEO Articles, and our Reviews of some recommended Affiliate Programs and ebooks. Some of them are Google Adsense, SEO Elite, SEO Mindset, Project Quick Cash, Web Templates, and others.

You can advertise your website on our MES-SEOmaster website or our MES-SEOmaster blog with affordable price. Contact us soon.

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Running a business online with our affordable SEO Service

Many people want to have a business online but they don't know the reasons for running a business online and how to do that.

It is very important to ask yourself some questions to better understand the reasons for running a business online. Here they are:

1. Why are you doing this?

Before you can start into any part of your new business, you need to ask yourself this one extremely important question:

Why are you doing this?

You need to stop right now from wanting to rush into just building a website or a blog. Take a step back for a moment to try and understand the big picture. What that means is sometimes you can get so caught up in little details that you miss out on the entire big picture.

If you want to truly know where you are going then the best bet is to step back, look at the entire picture and then map out what you want. So asking yourself “Why you are doing this” is one of the first steps in being able to truly understand where it is you want to go.

Some examples of “Why” might be:
• to help a current business expand
• to make some extra cash on the side
• to be able to quit your job and work for yourself
• just for fun
• you fill in the blank here

2. What do you need to run a business online?

Of course we need the most important thing to build a business online: a website or a blog! But not everyone can build a website or a blog, eventhough they want to do that. It takes time to learn web design and web development. At the other side, people want to fulfill their needs instantly.

We MES-SEOmaster offer affordable web design and web development to make your dreams come true: having and running a business online!

3. How will you compete with other competitors?

That is the last question you must answer. There are hundreds even thousands competitors that run the same business as you do. They have websites or blogs too. Visitors (buyers) usually just visit websites (or blogs) on page 1 of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), i.e Google SERPs.

How can your website or your blog win the competition? How will visitors come to your website and buy your products or your services? This is the answer: You must optimize your website or your blog to be indexed and listed on page 1 of Google SERPs! Getting listed on page 1 will increase the possibility for visitors come to your websites and buy your products or your services. So you need Affordable SEO Service to help you winning the competition!

We MES-SEOmaster offer one stop solution. As your SEO Consultant we are helping you for better life. Whoever you are and from any backgrounds you have, you can run your business online, starting from now.

Please read more our Web Design and Web Development Service. And then, running your business online with our SEO Service.