Why we start on online business

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Here I want to share what I got from an Online Business Seminar, presented by Febian Lee at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta on last Satuday, March 1st, 2014

4 Freedoms we will have on online business:

1. Financial Freedom –> passive income exceeds monthly expenses
2. Time Freedom –> wake up anytime, work anywhere … or not!
3. Location Freedom –> work from home, work anywhere in the world
4. Lifestyle Freedom –> life the live you DREAM about!

Here are some advantages of online business:

-  Low starting cost
-  Low risk
-  No inventory to carry (money usually stuck on inventory)
-  No employees required
-  Scalable (and duplicate it later). You can not do the same thing in a year (income linear)
-  LEGACY  –> do wealth for next generation

One website for One target and One purpose
Do anything at the same time!   Duplicating for different markets.
We should do things for family , not for boss!
Work anywhere in the world!

The 3 Steps Internet Success Model

Step 1 – Perform Market Research:
- Identify target market
- Analyze competition
- Create/locate product/service to sell
- Your blog/website is for commercial audience, not for social audience.  It is different to target commercial audience and social audience.
- Your audience must be willing to pay for your solution
- You can use Google Keyword Planner or www.freekeywordplanner.com to research.
- Find profitable markets!  Indonesia must go online for solution than retails.
- Basic Concept: Multiple Income.

If you dominate Google alone, you will be rich!
Examples of keywords:   “catering in Singapore”, “catering for wedding”, “catering for party”.
You don’t have to be an expert in that business.  Check long tails keywords.

- Buyers (go to Google) –> find your website/blog –> bring them to Sellers
- Duplicating for different markets.

Step 2  – Website Creation:
- Register your domain
- Rent a web hosting service
- Publish your website/blog, no html knowledge required.  Visit  www.Wordpress.org to create your own blog.

Step 3  – Traffic Generation:
- Get qualified prospects and customers via Google
- Using SEO to get free traffic.  Focus on commercial market (audience).
- Join affiliate programs

Online Profit Model 2 (to be continued)

Happy New Year 2013!

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We will leave 2012 in next few hours and we will entry New Year 2013.  In this special moment please permit me to say “Happy New Year 2013 for everyone…!”.  May this world become better in all aspects of life.  Wishing you all the best.

MES for jual rumah project.

The 2012 Google Rankings Webinar

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SEO link monster

This Monday 6 February at 8pm ET, Brad Callen – one of my favorite SEO gurus – and his team are holding a free webinar where they’ll be showing you exactly what it takes to rank at the top of Google for literally any keyword.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably noticed drops in your Google ranking over the past year or so.

Google has been making MAJOR changes to their ranking algorithm over the last year specifically.

In the year 2012, it’s going to be almost impossible to “luck” into ranking for keywords that send worthwhile
traffic to your websites.

If you don’t know what Google wants right now and beyond, you can bet other websites are going to outrank you and take the traffic that you could have potentially gotten.

Anyway, the purpose of this email is to let you know about 2 important things:

1. A free webinar that SEO Experts Brad & Matt Callen, and Dori Friend are holding. They’re going to be teaching exactly how Google is currently ranking websites, right now, in 2012.

2. They’re releasing something called SEO Link Monster on Feb 7th. I know that those that there is a special surprise at the end of the webinar relating to SEO Link Monster, so be sure to look out for that.

The webinar is completely free. There are no catches. It’s going to be awesome.

The webinar will be fairly short. Only 1 hour long. They’re piling on the content. It’s going to be “fast and furious” but all really awesome stuff.

You’re going to know exactly what you need to do to beat Google and get your site at the top of
page 1 as easily and quickly as possible.

Here’s the link. I would suggest registering now, and then make sure you get on the webinar about 10 minutes early so the page will load. There’s going to be a lot of people.


See you on the webinar!

MES – SEO Master Indonesia

Kontes SEO II Joko Susilo

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Dua tahun berlalu sejak kontes SEO I “Stop Dreaming Start Action” digelar dan juga sejak ebook terakhir yang saya beli dari Joko Susilo yaitu Sistem Mesin Uang Otomatis (SMUO),  kini Joko Susilo, pebisnis online handal dari Indonesia kembali menggelar Kontes SEO II Joko Susilo yang merupakan presell untuk produk ebook terbarunya InstanX.com “Jadi Expert Tanpa Ribet”.

Kontes SEO Presell InstanX.com

>  Keyword yang di bidik:
Peluang bisnis online tanpa ribet (tanpa tanda petik)

> Tema tulisan:
Berupa ulasan anda mengenai InstanX.com diikuti dengan rekomendasi kepada pembaca untuk membeli ebook “Jadi Expert Tanpa Ribet”. Ingat, ini adalah tulisan presell, bukan menjual. Jadi tulisan anda lebih bersifat rekomendasi daripada jualan.

>  Tanggal pelaksanaan kontes:
Dimulai tanggal 5 Juli 2011 dan berakhir tanggal 3 Oktober 2011.

>  Juri:

Google.co.id (bukan Google.com).

>  Peserta yang boleh ikut:
Terbuka untuk umum.

>  Yang jadi pemenang:
Siapa saja yang meraih posisi 20 teratas (bukan 10 teratas) di Google.co.id pada tanggal 3 Oktober 2011 jam 10 pagi untuk kata kunci yang ditargetkan.

>  Pengumuman pemenang:
Tanggal 4 Oktober 2011 jam 10 pagi, diumumkan melalui blog JokoSusilo.com.

>  Hadiah kontes:
Total hadiah senilai Rp 32,25 juta, terdiri dari:
- Uang tunai bernilai total Rp 20 Juta (untuk 20 pemenang) dan
- Produk + membership bernilai total Rp 12,25 juta (untuk 20 pemenang).

Detail urutan hadiah (posisi 1 – 20):

Rp 6.500.000,- (Free MAC.com + AV.com + RB.com = Rp980rb)
Rp 4.000.000,- (Free MAC.com + AV.com + RB.com = Rp980rb)
Rp 2.500.000,- (Free MAC.com + AV.com + RB.com = Rp980rb)
Rp 1.500.000,- (Free MAC.com + AV.com + RB.com = Rp980rb)
Rp 1.200.000,- (Free MAC.com + AV.com + RB.com = Rp980rb)
Rp 1.000.000,- (Free MAC.com + RB.com = Rp730rb)
Rp 600.000,-  (Free MAC.com + RB.com = Rp730rb)
Rp 500.000,-  (Free MAC.com + RB.com = Rp730rb)
Rp 400.000,-  (Free MAC.com + RB.com = Rp730rb)
Rp 300.000,-  (Free MAC.com + RB.com = Rp730rb)
Rp 200.000,- (Free AV.com + RB.com = Rp490rb)
Rp 200.000,- (Free AV.com + RB.com = Rp490rb)
Rp 200.000,- (Free AV.com + RB.com = Rp490rb)
Rp 200.000,- (Free AV.com + RB.com = Rp490rb)
Rp 200.000,- (Free AV.com + RB.com = Rp490rb)
Rp 100.000,- (Free RB.com = Rp250rb)
Rp 100.000,- (Free RB.com = Rp250rb)
Rp 100.000,- (Free RB.com = Rp250rb)
Rp 100.000,- (Free RB.com = Rp250rb)
Rp 100.000,- (Free RB.com = Rp250rb)

Untuk Ketentuan Khusus dan Ketentuan Umum, baca disini: ketentuan kontes

Tanya Jawab Kontes SEO II Joko Susilo

1. Apakah perlu mendaftar untuk mengikuti kontes SEO ini?

Tidak perlu mendaftar. Anda tinggal ACTION-kan 3 hal di atas (buat artikel rekomendasi, buat artikel informasi kontes, pasang banner di web/blog). Secara otomatis anda sudah terdaftar. Selanjutkan tinggal lakukan optimasi SEO.

2. Kalau saya pakai domain peluangbisnisonlinetanparibet.com boleh tidak Pak?

Seperti di ketentuan kontes, dilarang menggunakan domain 100% bertarget kata kunci. Jadi, domain peluangbisnisonlinetanparibet.com tidak boleh ikut.

3. Kalau saya pakai subdomain peluangbisnisonlinetanparibet.domainutamasaya.com boleh tidak Pak Joko?


4. Kalau domain saya mengandaung sedikit kata kunci misalnya bisnisonlinejaya.com apakah boleh ikut?

Ya boleh ikut.

5. Kalau title blog saya menggunakan kata kunci peluang bisnis online tanpa ribet boleh tidak?

Title blog boleh menggunakan keyword tersebut

6. Bagaimana kalau judul posting menggunakan kata kunci itu?

Jelas boleh.

7. Bagaimana saya tahu kalau artikel saya diterima sebagai peserta?

Asal anda sudah melakukan tiga hal di atas (buat artikel rekomendasi, buat artikel informasi kontes, pasang banner di web/blog), berarti anda sudah menjadi peserta kontes ini.

8. Saya mau ikut juga. tapi masih pakai subdomain gratis nih Pak Joko, boleh tidak?

Boleh. Anda bisa gunakan blogger/blogspot.

Ayo buruan ikutan Kontes SEO II Joko Susilo dan rebut hadiah-hadiah menarik yang disediakan! :)


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The Internet Market world has been taken by a pleasant surprise by the introduction of the keyword monitoring tool called Keyword Position Monitoring Report Service (KPMRS). This free tool allows you to check the ranking of your website on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, for the keyword supplied by you. Though this is the primary feature of KPMRS.com, it is armed with many other accessory tools which are inevitable in your SEO arsenal. You can avail here with smart operations of KPMRS like Email Notification (changes in the rankings of the website are notified through e-mails), Facebook Connector, Back Links tracking  (tracks the links pointing towards your website) and special Widgets to monitor your website ranking.

KPMRS for MES SEO master

KPMRS for MES SEO master

Further classifications of tools available on KPMRS.com are Social Activity tracker, Google Page Rank checker, Alexa rankings monitor. You will also be surprised to know the new keywords for which your website was searched for by the engines with the help of its Website Discovery Tool.The site reporter of KPMRS will give a detailed report of the performance of your site. As KPMRS has been launched on iPhone you can easily check the ranking of your website. No wonder, KPMRS is a delight for all the SEO Professionals, Website Owners and Bloggers! As an SEO Master I use KPMRS for monitoring my websites, one of them is Taiyo Yuden online shop.  Check out this KPMRS SEO tool !

Dirgahayu The Republic of Indonesia

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64 years Indonesia Freedom

64 years Indonesia Freedom

Today, August 17th, 2009 is 64th The Independence Day of The Republic of Indonesia.  Indonesian people thank to GOD for His great grace because we can live in freedom.  “Dirgahayu The Republic of Indonesia! May GOD bless Indonesian people.” Dirgahayu in English means “Happy Birthday”, or “Long Live”.

On August 17th, 1945, President Soekarno – the first President of The Republic of Indonesia – proclaimed The Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, against Dutch and Japanese invasion.  Since that day, Indonesia became a free nation.

Indonesia Raya is the national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia.  This film is from 1945.

In this Independence Day celebration, I offer you some special things:

1.  MES SEO Service is 17 % discount if you register until the end of August 2009.

2.  Try this wonderful SEO Software for $1 only: 30 Minutes To Massive Free Traffic!

3.  Order your Free Business Card here

Hope you can take advantage of them.  Dirgahayu the Republic of Indonesia !

Chevron, my dream company

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Chevron my dream company


Today is a special day for me because I decide to submit my Employment Application to Chevron Corporation, the best international oil company in my country Indonesia.  A few months ago I saw Chevron ads in TV when I had lunch.  I thought I was falling in love at that time, like a man who saw a beautiful girl and falling in love at the first sight. I thought about Chevron a few days later.

But because my daily activities implementing MFG/Pro ERP System at a company – one of Toyota suppliers – I forgot Chevron for a while.  It’s my responsibility to finish this project, at least for stage one.  I must focus on it.  Sometimes I must work overtime to finish the project on schedule.  So tired….

Finishing the project

Finishing the project

In the beginning of August 2009 everything is changed.  The MFG/Pro project stage one is almost finished, just four reports remaining.  We start to use other ready reports (totally 49 reports) from this new system.  I am very thankful and happy.  My dear Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus have blessed me so much.  One of the heavy challenges in my life is over :) .

Now I have enough time to think about Chevron, my dream company.  Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The company’s success is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of approximately 62,000 employees who operate across the energy spectrum. I am very enthusiasm to work there.  This will be a new challenge for me. Will Chevron hire me?  Will my dream come true? I don’t know.  Only GOD knows.  And in GOD I trust because I know He always gives the best to me….

Optimizing Website Performance & Internet Marketing.

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marketing articles Internet marketing can be a very expensive proposition. There are myriad options for making one’s presence more significant online. Training the right individual to take care of these tasks can potentially save any company a great deal of money and, at the same time, net the company new clients and business opportunities.

Any employee who is put in charge of Internet marketing for a company of any size will likely require some internet marketing courses or training. The first steps are usually related to the field known as SEO-Search Engine Optimization-one of the most vital aspects of any web marketing campaign,

SEO is so important because, aside from the cost of the page itself, it is essentially free. It requires knowledge of how search engines work, the methods which competitors use to ensure good search engine placement and the means by which a company can improve their placement on the major engines. A well-trained Internet marketing expert will usually start with a company’s page, eliminating those elements which hurt the page’s placement and adding new elements which increase search engine visibility. These techniques can be learned via online courses, can be self-taught using many of the free resources online and are sometimes taught in community colleges and vocational schools.

While an employee may have vast experience with designing and managing standard marketing campaigns, Internet marketing is a different world entirely. The employees managing such campaigns will require specific internet marketing courses or training to achieve competency at managing such campaigns. Oftentimes, the campaigns themselves are fairly simple affairs and it is the exact workings of how commissions are paid and how the campaigns drive traffic to the company’s site that need explanation. The design of the look and feel of the campaigns themselves strongly coincide with other types of web design and the skills learned by taking classes specific to web design will translate very well toward marketing endeavors.

For small businesses, who need to save money, the best news is that the most training is generally required for the largest operations. Internet marketing for small businesses is usually a fairly simple affair which involves the collection of email contacts used in marketing campaigns, pay per click and referral advertising programs, search engine optimization and frequently changing and developing the content on a company web page. To get an in-house internet marketer the business will have to get the employee trained with internet marketing courses but for some small businesses, it’s often more cost-effective to outsource the very technical aspects of Internet marketing which means that the individuals who work at the task in-house often simply serve as a liaison with contractors.

Training an existing employee, especially one with previous marketing experience, to handle Internet marketing is a very cost effective way for a small business to increase the effectiveness of Internet marketing efforts. Having an in-house expert eliminates guesswork, can help coordinate the efforts of contractors and can make even a small business a legitimate competitor in the online world. Employees given the opportunity to take on the responsibility, of course, will feel much more valued by and loyal to their employer. internet advertising

Fetch important tips about internet marketing indonesia – give a look to quoted page.

Linking Your Way To The Top Of The Search Engines

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keyword elite
One of the most important things you can do to raise your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site is to convince other websites to link to yours. It’s free, of course, and very easy, but doing it properly does take some time and effort.

I recommend a couple of ways to find websites which might be willing to link to you.

One way is to do a simple search to find websites with information about the same subject as your site, or closely related information. If you have a website about flowers, for instance, you can use search terms such as “gardens”, “gardening”, “flowers”, “plants”, and “seedlings” to find sites which may be interested in linking to yours.

Or, you can take another route. Just identify a related site which is already highly popular, and find the websites which link to it. You can do that with a search in Google or http://alltheweb.com for “link:” (without the quotation marks) and the complete URL of the website. For example, link:
http://www.college-scholarships.com (and don’t forget the colon after the word “link”).

Once you’ve identified the websites most likely to link to yours, visit them, obtain the email addresses of their webmasters, and send an email requesting a link. To be effective, your email must:
keyword elite
1. be brief, well written, and polite. Always use “please” and “thank you”.

2. describe your site in no more than 25-30 words. The description of your site must be interesting and explain why the webmaster’s visitors will find it helpful or enjoyable. The less hype the better.

3. offer the webmaster something in return. For example:

a. a link on your site.

b. information about how to submit their website to 300,000+ search engines, directories, and links pages for free. When they agree to link to you, send them to: http://www.college-scholarships.com/free_search_engine_submission.htm.

Contact an average of at least ten webmasters a day, more if you have the time. With just a ten percent success rate, that will net you a minimum of thirty new links a month.

If you follow this advice, you should experience an almost immediate, albeit modest, increase in visitors to your website. However, the biggest benefit of a good linking campaign, higher search engine rankings, will take a bit longer. There is no magic formula, and there are lots of variables, but your search engine ranking could improve in as little as a few weeks, and should continue to improve as time goes on and more sites link to you as both a direct result of your efforts and webmasters seeing your links on other sites.

Keep at it and, all things being equal, you can obtain the kind of search engine rankings that can transform your website from a hobby (as my wife originally referred to my first site) to a site which can pay your children’s full college costs and more, as that same site now does for us.

Access practical hints in the topic of website traffic – this is your personal knowledge pack.

The Many Available Graphic Design Literature

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In the marketplace, you can find many graphics design books available for those interested in minisite ebook design, students of graphics design, and those in a graphic design career. Books for graphic designers that are starting out should not try to keep up with books for experienced graphic designers. You should keep in mind your level of expertise in minisite ebook design, as well as your level of interest in minisite ebook design, when deciding what illustrative graphic design book to buy or check out from the library. Those looking for information as a student of web design will wish to seek out more specific information than those who are seeking knowledge of web graphic design as a hobby.

A great web design book for students wishing to pursue a career in product graphic design is called Design Secrets: Products: 50 Real Life Projects Uncovered. This minisite design book analyzes product graphic design for various projects. It includes information such as the graphic designer’s motivation behind the project, client specs, and other information.

Universal Principles of Design: 100 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach Through Design (long title, I know) is another great minisite ebook design book for students of web graphic design. This graphic design book gets back to basics, leaving the technological and creative aspects of minisite ebook design behind in favor of looking at the general purpose of minisite design. It is a must for starting graphic design students, or those interested in pursuing a career in graphic design.

The new book called Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X, Tiger by Sharron Zardetto Aker is a great illustrative graphic design book for anyone using a Mac OS X computer operating system. This new operating system makes dealing with fonts very difficult, and this web mini site design books gives you hints, tips, and tricks to manage your fonts in this computer operating system more effectively.

In conclusion, there are so many graphic design books available that it would be impossible to list them all here. If you would like to know more about graphic design or would like to get a visual graphic design book, check your local book store, your local library, online library catalogs, and online book stores for more minisite ebook design book options.

Learn more about minisite design graphic services and cover page design info. You will find top notched and professional graphics design service for your site.

Find timely information to free traffic – your personal tips store.

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