Dirgahayu The Republic of Indonesia

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64 years Indonesia Freedom

64 years Indonesia Freedom

Today, August 17th, 2009 is 64th The Independence Day of The Republic of Indonesia.  Indonesian people thank to GOD for His great grace because we can live in freedom.  “Dirgahayu The Republic of Indonesia! May GOD bless Indonesian people.” Dirgahayu in English means “Happy Birthday”, or “Long Live”.

On August 17th, 1945, President Soekarno – the first President of The Republic of Indonesia – proclaimed The Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, against Dutch and Japanese invasion.  Since that day, Indonesia became a free nation.

Indonesia Raya is the national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia.  This film is from 1945.

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Hope you can take advantage of them.  Dirgahayu the Republic of Indonesia !

Chevron, my dream company

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Chevron my dream company


Today is a special day for me because I decide to submit my Employment Application to Chevron Corporation, the best international oil company in my country Indonesia.  A few months ago I saw Chevron ads in TV when I had lunch.  I thought I was falling in love at that time, like a man who saw a beautiful girl and falling in love at the first sight. I thought about Chevron a few days later.

But because my daily activities implementing MFG/Pro ERP System at a company – one of Toyota suppliers – I forgot Chevron for a while.  It’s my responsibility to finish this project, at least for stage one.  I must focus on it.  Sometimes I must work overtime to finish the project on schedule.  So tired….

Finishing the project

Finishing the project

In the beginning of August 2009 everything is changed.  The MFG/Pro project stage one is almost finished, just four reports remaining.  We start to use other ready reports (totally 49 reports) from this new system.  I am very thankful and happy.  My dear Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus have blessed me so much.  One of the heavy challenges in my life is over :) .

Now I have enough time to think about Chevron, my dream company.  Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The company’s success is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of approximately 62,000 employees who operate across the energy spectrum. I am very enthusiasm to work there.  This will be a new challenge for me. Will Chevron hire me?  Will my dream come true? I don’t know.  Only GOD knows.  And in GOD I trust because I know He always gives the best to me….

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