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Here I want to share what I got from an Online Business Seminar, presented by Febian Lee at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta on last Satuday, March 1st, 2014

4 Freedoms we will have on online business:

1. Financial Freedom –> passive income exceeds monthly expenses
2. Time Freedom –> wake up anytime, work anywhere … or not!
3. Location Freedom –> work from home, work anywhere in the world
4. Lifestyle Freedom –> life the live you DREAM about!

Here are some advantages of online business:

-  Low starting cost
-  Low risk
-  No inventory to carry (money usually stuck on inventory)
-  No employees required
-  Scalable (and duplicate it later). You can not do the same thing in a year (income linear)
-  LEGACY  –> do wealth for next generation

One website for One target and One purpose
Do anything at the same time!   Duplicating for different markets.
We should do things for family , not for boss!
Work anywhere in the world!

The 3 Steps Internet Success Model

Step 1 – Perform Market Research:
- Identify target market
- Analyze competition
- Create/locate product/service to sell
- Your blog/website is for commercial audience, not for social audience.  It is different to target commercial audience and social audience.
- Your audience must be willing to pay for your solution
- You can use Google Keyword Planner or www.freekeywordplanner.com to research.
- Find profitable markets!  Indonesia must go online for solution than retails.
- Basic Concept: Multiple Income.

If you dominate Google alone, you will be rich!
Examples of keywords:   “catering in Singapore”, “catering for wedding”, “catering for party”.
You don’t have to be an expert in that business.  Check long tails keywords.

- Buyers (go to Google) –> find your website/blog –> bring them to Sellers
- Duplicating for different markets.

Step 2  – Website Creation:
- Register your domain
- Rent a web hosting service
- Publish your website/blog, no html knowledge required.  Visit  www.Wordpress.org to create your own blog.

Step 3  – Traffic Generation:
- Get qualified prospects and customers via Google
- Using SEO to get free traffic.  Focus on commercial market (audience).
- Join affiliate programs

Online Profit Model 2 (to be continued)

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