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If you spend five minutes on the web you will find literally millions of websites with all types of themes: hobbies, family, information, business and e-commerce… But, no matter what your website design is planning to be, there are key design instructions you should follow in order to make it stand out above the crowd, and have people coming back time and again based on how credible your websites appears to be.

Here are some helpful design tips to create a great website:

Web design tip #1: Soft, light colors. You should choose two or three colors that look fine together. Take into account, that you should not select anything too dark or too light, specially for your background because it makes the text hard to be read and understood as well.

Web design tip #2: Easy to navigate. It is very significant for you to have your buttons clearly visible in order people know exactly where to go to get the information they came for.

Web design tip #3. As concerning a business or e-commerce site, it should be pointed out you should better have a couple of paragraphs on your home page that will tell people exactly what your product or service is, and how it will benefit them. Take into account to keep it clear and summarizing.

Web design tip #4. As a matter of fact you MUST have an html form in order to collect customer data, for instance, name and email address for signing up to a newsletter, or entering their shipping and payment information if they are buying a product or service. This is the important to having a rewarding website.

Web design tip #5. You need also to make sure that your users know how to make contact with you in the case they have any questions or notes. That is the reason why you need to make your ‘contact us’ button simple to see, do not hide it at the bottom of the Web page. There is a need to remind you once more that here an easy HTML form is needed.

Web design tip #6. The other vital fact for you to know is that you should keep your use of flash and graphics to a minimum. Not only they can be annoying, but they simply entail more time to load and, unfortunately, not everyone has high-speed. The truth is people are impatient when surfing the internet, and in the case that a website does not load within a few seconds they will quickly go on to the next one.

Web design tip #7. You should also make convinced your design is uniform on each page; do not choose different colors for each Web page, change the style of the buttons, or modify the text font brcause this will be confusing and incompetent looking while you want to convey style and competency.

Web design tip #8. You should not have too much content or pictures. It is really very important for you to make certain you have enough white space throughout to make the pages easy to read.

In conclusion bear in mind that in order for people to purchase from you, they must primary trust you and the product or service that you provide. Frankly speaking you can not expect them to order the first time they visit, but give them enough information to make them want to learn more about you and your product and they will in the end come back and, in addition, they might even let know their friends and relatives.

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