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I am so happy today knowing my Busby SEO Test blog jumps to #83 from #200.  That is amazing.  Thanks GOD for this miracle. Thank you my friends for your back links.  Today I have a special article from Tung Desem Waringin, a well known Indonesian presenter.  I will share it to my Busby SEO Test readers.

This article is the 15th part of Basic Principles to be a Millionaire.  3 important things are: choose profitable business/job, then choose what you like, and finally choose what is easier.  In choosing business/job, people often choose the easiest one first, eventhough they don’t like that business/job or that business/job is not profitable as they want.

For example, when someone graduated from school/university, and then got a job, he/she often worked at the same office until he/she died, or fired, or retired. Why?  Because he/she seek easy job.  In this life if you seek easy thing, you will get it but maybe that is not profitable.  But if you want to seek what is profitable thing and what you like, finally your life will change better.

So, number one in choosing the business is we must choose goals.  What kind of goals? There are financial goal, healthy goal, time goal, relationship goal, intellectual goal, mental goal. Then think how much money and time we need to achieve those goals.

Then find out what profitable business or jobs to monetize those goals.  There are so many profitable business.  Make a list and then choose what you like. You must choose what you like, because if you don’t like it, you will stop.

Finally, find out what you like, but profitable.  Then choose what is easier.

If you want to receive other Basic Principles to be a Millionaire, you can send blank email to 24prinsipmilyarder@getresponse.com (in Indonesian language).

Btw, how about this Busby SEO Test? According to me, winning Busby SEO Test is profitable goal, and I like to do SEO, but this is not easy :)  The challenge is how to make this Busby SEO Test easier to win.


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