Happy New Year 2013!

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We will leave 2012 in next few hours and we will entry New Year 2013.  In this special moment please permit me to say “Happy New Year 2013 for everyone…!”.  May this world become better in all aspects of life.  Wishing you all the best.

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Dirgahayu The Republic of Indonesia

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64 years Indonesia Freedom

64 years Indonesia Freedom

Today, August 17th, 2009 is 64th The Independence Day of The Republic of Indonesia.  Indonesian people thank to GOD for His great grace because we can live in freedom.  “Dirgahayu The Republic of Indonesia! May GOD bless Indonesian people.” Dirgahayu in English means “Happy Birthday”, or “Long Live”.

On August 17th, 1945, President Soekarno – the first President of The Republic of Indonesia – proclaimed The Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, against Dutch and Japanese invasion.  Since that day, Indonesia became a free nation.

Indonesia Raya is the national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia.  This film is from 1945.

In this Independence Day celebration, I offer you some special things:

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Hope you can take advantage of them.  Dirgahayu the Republic of Indonesia !

Chevron, my dream company

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Chevron my dream company


Today is a special day for me because I decide to submit my Employment Application to Chevron Corporation, the best international oil company in my country Indonesia.  A few months ago I saw Chevron ads in TV when I had lunch.  I thought I was falling in love at that time, like a man who saw a beautiful girl and falling in love at the first sight. I thought about Chevron a few days later.

But because my daily activities implementing MFG/Pro ERP System at a company – one of Toyota suppliers – I forgot Chevron for a while.  It’s my responsibility to finish this project, at least for stage one.  I must focus on it.  Sometimes I must work overtime to finish the project on schedule.  So tired….

Finishing the project

Finishing the project

In the beginning of August 2009 everything is changed.  The MFG/Pro project stage one is almost finished, just four reports remaining.  We start to use other ready reports (totally 49 reports) from this new system.  I am very thankful and happy.  My dear Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus have blessed me so much.  One of the heavy challenges in my life is over :) .

Now I have enough time to think about Chevron, my dream company.  Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide. The company’s success is driven by the ingenuity and commitment of approximately 62,000 employees who operate across the energy spectrum. I am very enthusiasm to work there.  This will be a new challenge for me. Will Chevron hire me?  Will my dream come true? I don’t know.  Only GOD knows.  And in GOD I trust because I know He always gives the best to me….

Do I Really Have To Do Search Engine Submission?

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The real question is “do I really have to make money? And the answer is that yes, it is a fact that in this life you have to make money to survive (unless you want to do subsistence farming somewhere in the southern climes where you can grow food all year long). The fact is that if you are an internet marketer, and I am assuming that you are if you are reading about such an exciting subject like search engine submission, the only way that you get people to your site is by ranking well on the search engines. In order for those engines to rank you high you have to promote yourself and you have to do it in the right way that fits into their algorithm. Sounds easy right? Well part of it is and part of it is not at all.

The part that is easy is all the clicking and filling out of forms in the proper format and so on and so on. I say “easy” as in not requiring a lot of neuro synapses to do, not as in requiring little time and effort. You see this can be an incredibly tedious, mind numbing, and rate limiting process if you choose to do this all manually that is personally accomplish each keystroke and click of the mouse on each article for each search engine that you are submitting to. Well the smart guys as they were literally petrifying there brains with manual search engine submission were thinking, “there must be a better way.” Like everything else with computers automation is that better way and it turns out that this automation isn’t that hard to accomplish.

You see, now there are dozens of software packages that do just that. They will little input, other than file names and reorganization of the data you already have allow you to automatically accomplish the task of search engine submission, and not for just one search engine but for several at once—extremely powerful stuff. Sounds easy right? Your next question should be well why isn’t everyone making billions of dollars on the internet if all they have to do is buy a tool that costs a hundred bucks?

My answer is well there is another part of search engine submission that I already alluded to in the first paragraph of this article—that is the not so easy part. This is where the art of internet marketing comes in to play and where experience in this business makes all the difference in the world. You see the engines have algorithms that are maximally protected that decide what kind of information will rank high, how it should look, and how is should be organized. This changes too which makes it even more complicated. I really don’t even no much about this part but there are lots of guys who do and who charge (a very worthwhile price) for access to it. So get to it man!

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Visiting Borobudur temple in Jogjakarta

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A few months ago I wrote about Visiting Jogjakarta.  Here I upload some pictures to remember that nice vacation when we visited Borobudur temple.  It’s wonderful to be there, like a dream.  My family and I love Jogjakarta so much.  Hope we will visit Jogjakarta again sooner.

My family and I.  The background is Borobudur temple.

My family and I. The background is Borobudur temple.

In front of Borobudur temple

In front of Borobudur temple

With our girl friends from Australia

With our girl friends from Australia

With our boy friends from Aussie

With our boy friends from Aussie

The Best to You

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I am enjoying the Indonesian song “Yang terbaik bagimu” (The best to you) by ADA Band and Gita Gutawa.  This song tells about the love of a father.  I sing this song several times this night, with tears in my eyes.  I remember my father, missing him so much.  He is sixty six years old, but he still works hard to support my mother and my younger brothers and sister.  He always gives the best to his family.

I love you so much my father.  I will do everything to make you happy.  I will do the best to you.

the best to you image1

I also have a Heavenly Father who arts in Heaven. He loves me so much with everlasting love.  I’ve promised to obey Him, love Him, do His will and His words, and keep faithful until the day of the Lord.  I believe the Lord Jesus will come again to pick His children up.

Busby SEO Test – Visiting Jogjakarta

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This early morning Busby SEO Test (my family and I) will visit Jogjakarta.  We will leave at 5:00 AM, go to Bekasi Railway Station.  Then we will use Fajar Utama Jogja train, starts at 6:48 AM from Bekasi Station.  We will be in Jogjakarta until January 18, 2009.  I will be very busy in next few days.  So for awhile I will not write articles about Busby SEO Test.

Visiting Jogjakarta is very interesting.  Busby SEO Test usually visit Jogjakarta every 2-3 years. We will attend a Great Divine Service of the New Apostolic Church (NAC) Indonesia .  NAC In Indonesian language called GKBI (Gereja Kerasulan Baru Indonesia).  You can visit the New Apostolic Church website at http://www.nak.org. Our leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will conduct this great divine service.  I will forget Busby SEO Test temporarily.

Busby SEO Test already have programs in Jogjakarta.  Day 1 we will visit Borobudur temple in the morning. Then Busby SEO Test will have choral and musical practice in the evening.  Day 2 we will have Choir and Musical Program, starts from Saturday morning until Saturday evening.  Day 3 we will have a Great Divine Service conducted by Chief Apostle Leber.  Sunday evening Busby SEO Test will leave for Bekasi and Jakarta, using Senja Utama Solo train.

Well, it is 1:13 AM now.  I am so tired.  It’s time to go bed, because Busby SEO Test visiting Jogjakarta will begin at 5:00.  I still have less than four hours to sleep.  Good night and good luck for all Busby SEO Test contestants :)

Busby SEO Test – Attending Public Speaking Seminar

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In this Busby SEO Test link building time, I attend Public Speaking Seminar at Menara BDN, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Jakarta.  The speaker is Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi, ST, CHI, MCHt.  He teaches us how to get more success in career, business, sales, and life by Persuasive Public Speaking Mastery.  He teaches us how to distinguish between talking and speaking.  I think I’ve made a right decision to attend this seminar, and forget Busby SEO Test for awhile.

Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi

Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi

The main secret of communication skill is called 3V (Visual, Verbal, and Vocal).  Generally Visual takes 55%, Verbal takes 38%, and Vocal takes 7% of our strength.  Visual means that we must understand our words can be visualized.  How you show your expression when you said “heaven” and “hell”, “you get diamond” and “you get just a fan” to your audience.

He also tells us that these days people are difficult to smile.  So we must learn how to have a beautiful smile  :).  The basic course is trying to speak with smile from now.  I agree with his teaching and I will try to smile when I speak, also when I do link building campaign for my Busby SEO Test.

Last but not least is do synchronize.  If you tell someone that you are a business man, then you should act like a business man.  Be a good man in your attitude and your words.  If you have good attitude, then you will have many friends, many sales.  Your friends will help you to sell your products.  Thank you Mr. Tubagus.  I will act as an SEO in this Busby SEO Test.

Be a Winner

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After my previous posts ways to get traffic and busby seo test and dotcom secret, today I create a new post about the difference between The Winner and The Loser. Everyday we have conditions and situation that force us to choose: to be a Winner or a Loser. Sometime we don’t realize that we’ve become a Loser.

Here are the difference between The Winner and The Loser:

The Winner – is always a part of the answer.
The Loser – is always a part of the problem.

The Winner – always has a program.
The Loser – always has an excuse.

The Winner – says: “Let me help you do it”.
The Loser – says: “That’s not my job”.

The Winner – sees an answer for every problem.
The Loser – sees a problem for every answer.

The Winner – sees a green near every sand trap.
The Loser – sees two or three sand traps near every green.

The Winner – says: “It may be difficult, but it’s possible”.
The Loser – says: “It may be possible, but it’s too difficult”.

If you think like a Winner, you will act as a Winner. If you think like a Loser, you will act as a Loser.

So, what kind of attitude you want to choose? It’s all on your hands. My suggestion is: be a Winner!

See you at the top, Mr. MNT Wahyudi!

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Today is the last day for me to see Mr. MNT. Wahyudi, my boss and also my dear friend. He resigned as of Sept 26, 2008. He is a smart, charm, and good man. Mr. Wahyudi and I are members of MFG/Pro Implementation Project for PT. Nusa Toyotetsu (NTC). He is as a Project Leader. NTC is a client of Business Solution Consulting (BSC), a company where he and I work together.

Actually he will work at NTC for three years, but a furniture company in Semarang promises him better benefits. So he decides to resign early. It’s a pity…

I just say to him: See you at the top, Mr. MNT. Wahyudi! Good luck for you in the new place :)

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