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RSS (‘really simple syndication’ is the most widely accepted meaning) is just one of the ways that you can begin to get the message out from your blog site to the world.

Remember when we looked at the list of ‘Top 10 plug-ins’ I recommended that there was one with the curious name of ‘What Would Seth Godin Do?’ (more of Seth later).

Well, if you have not installed this yet, I suggest that you do so now, because what this plug-in does is it invites visitors to your site to subscribe to your RSS feed, meaning that, if they agree to do so, every time you make a post it is automatically sent to what is known as an RSS reader on their PC.

There are two ‘sides’ or ‘ends’ to an RSS feed ‘chain’. There is the site that sends the information on the one side, info which is then received by what is known as an RSS ‘feed reader’ or ‘news aggregator’ on the other end.

So, the message is NOT sent by or to an email account, but rather from a piece of software that is an integral part of your website (or blog) to a specially installed ‘receiving’ tool that is already installed on someone’s computer.

If, therefore, someone agrees to subscribe to your RSS feed (through the ‘Seth Godin’ plug-in, for example) you are guaranteed that every post you ever make will be sent directly to the subscribers desk-top or lap-top.

Thus, once you have ‘Seth’ installed, you need to make sure that you have the an ‘out-feeder’ installed too, and you can get a free one from FeedBurner. Simply create your free account, copy the FeedBurner URL that they give you and paste it into your WP account (under ‘Options’).

Here are 7 ways to attract more RSS subscribers

1. Use the ‘Seth Godin’ plug-in to encourage people to subscribe.
2. FeedBurner can send RSS to people’s emails if they prefer and some do. Highlight that you can do this.
3. Write short posts every now and the reminding people about the feed that you have available.
4. Promote your feed on your other sites and mini-sites, in email signatures and so on.
5. Don’t hide the Feed away – position it somewhere that it cannot be missed.
6. Give any who signs up a bonus or gift.
7. Add lots of images to your site to attract your readers into signing up

That is it done, so that you now know that anyone who ever subscribes to your RSS feed is going to see literally every post that you ever make on your blog. Keep them controversial or thought provoking enough and you can almost guarantee that these folks will come back to read the complete posts time and time again.

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