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It is almost one month since I posted Ways to Get Traffic article. I described there one way of getting traffic is by using Article Marketing technique. I did Article Marketing test for almost one month. And here is the result of my Busby SEO Test blog checkpoints for keyword phrase Busby SEO Test:

Date Checkpoint #
Nov 3, 2008             207
Nov 9, 2008             184
Nov 11, 2008           171
Nov 20, 2008           100

Well, I think that is a good result of Article Marketing Test I did. In less than one month I can jump to Top 100 for keyword phrase Busby SEO Test. Besides my Busby SEO Test blog now is PR2. That’s very good!

Maybe you ask me “How can you do that?”. The answer is I use Article Submitter software. With this software I can send my own articles to Article Directories easier. I said “easier”, because I still need some additional efforts to publish my articles using Article Submitter software. But I like this software. It also helps my Busby SEO Test blog get PR2 in less than one month :).

Now I can try another technique to win Busby SEO Test. I will share with you what other techniques I use in this SEO contest, at least to get Top 10 in Busby SEO Test.

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