Busby SEO Test Day minus 2

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Busby SEO Test will end on Jan 31, 2009.  It means only two days left.  Well, for awhile The Philippines (http://pinayspeak.com/pinaytest/) is at the first position, and Indonesia as a runner up (http://www.imfreakz.com/busby-seo-test/).  Busby SEO Test become a hard duel between Indonesia and the Philippines.

Now, I think it is time to give a link juice to Imfreakz on behalf of Indonesia Busby SEO Test contestants.  Why do I do this?  Because I am Indonesian and I love my country Indonesia.  I want Indonesia contestant become the Winner in this Busby SEO Test.

So, joyfully I support Imfreakz.com with this link juice Busby SEO Test.  Go ahead Imfreakz!  We support you and pray for your success in this Busby SEO Test!

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Busby SEO Test – Visiting Jogjakarta

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This early morning Busby SEO Test (my family and I) will visit Jogjakarta.  We will leave at 5:00 AM, go to Bekasi Railway Station.  Then we will use Fajar Utama Jogja train, starts at 6:48 AM from Bekasi Station.  We will be in Jogjakarta until January 18, 2009.  I will be very busy in next few days.  So for awhile I will not write articles about Busby SEO Test.

Visiting Jogjakarta is very interesting.  Busby SEO Test usually visit Jogjakarta every 2-3 years. We will attend a Great Divine Service of the New Apostolic Church (NAC) Indonesia .  NAC In Indonesian language called GKBI (Gereja Kerasulan Baru Indonesia).  You can visit the New Apostolic Church website at http://www.nak.org. Our leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will conduct this great divine service.  I will forget Busby SEO Test temporarily.

Busby SEO Test already have programs in Jogjakarta.  Day 1 we will visit Borobudur temple in the morning. Then Busby SEO Test will have choral and musical practice in the evening.  Day 2 we will have Choir and Musical Program, starts from Saturday morning until Saturday evening.  Day 3 we will have a Great Divine Service conducted by Chief Apostle Leber.  Sunday evening Busby SEO Test will leave for Bekasi and Jakarta, using Senja Utama Solo train.

Well, it is 1:13 AM now.  I am so tired.  It’s time to go bed, because Busby SEO Test visiting Jogjakarta will begin at 5:00.  I still have less than four hours to sleep.  Good night and good luck for all Busby SEO Test contestants :)

Busby SEO Test – 3 important things

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I am so happy today knowing my Busby SEO Test blog jumps to #83 from #200.  That is amazing.  Thanks GOD for this miracle. Thank you my friends for your back links.  Today I have a special article from Tung Desem Waringin, a well known Indonesian presenter.  I will share it to my Busby SEO Test readers.

This article is the 15th part of Basic Principles to be a Millionaire.  3 important things are: choose profitable business/job, then choose what you like, and finally choose what is easier.  In choosing business/job, people often choose the easiest one first, eventhough they don’t like that business/job or that business/job is not profitable as they want.

For example, when someone graduated from school/university, and then got a job, he/she often worked at the same office until he/she died, or fired, or retired. Why?  Because he/she seek easy job.  In this life if you seek easy thing, you will get it but maybe that is not profitable.  But if you want to seek what is profitable thing and what you like, finally your life will change better.

So, number one in choosing the business is we must choose goals.  What kind of goals? There are financial goal, healthy goal, time goal, relationship goal, intellectual goal, mental goal. Then think how much money and time we need to achieve those goals.

Then find out what profitable business or jobs to monetize those goals.  There are so many profitable business.  Make a list and then choose what you like. You must choose what you like, because if you don’t like it, you will stop.

Finally, find out what you like, but profitable.  Then choose what is easier.

If you want to receive other Basic Principles to be a Millionaire, you can send blank email to 24prinsipmilyarder@getresponse.com (in Indonesian language).

Btw, how about this Busby SEO Test? According to me, winning Busby SEO Test is profitable goal, and I like to do SEO, but this is not easy :)  The challenge is how to make this Busby SEO Test easier to win.

Busby SEO Test – Happy New Year 2009

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Busby SEO Test wish you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous Happy New Year 2009! May GOD shower you all His beautiful blessing to you and to your loving family.

Well I am very happy today. I can feel GOD always protected and blessed me in 2008. Praise, honor, and thanks to the Lord. Yesterday, on my birthday, I received payment from Google for his AdSense program. It added my happiness. Thank you so much Google! I feel stronger to continue this Busby SEO Test.

Usually people make a wish in the new year.  So do I.  My wishes are: winning Busby SEO Test, buying a new car, being a boss for myself (financial freedom), helping other people, being a good servant for the Lord.

I also want to say thank you so much for my family and my friends that have helped me in 2008.  May GOD bless you all.  Now I am still fighting in this Busby SEO Test.  There is still one month to become Busby SEO Test winner.

Busby SEO Test – Attending Public Speaking Seminar

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In this Busby SEO Test link building time, I attend Public Speaking Seminar at Menara BDN, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Jakarta.  The speaker is Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi, ST, CHI, MCHt.  He teaches us how to get more success in career, business, sales, and life by Persuasive Public Speaking Mastery.  He teaches us how to distinguish between talking and speaking.  I think I’ve made a right decision to attend this seminar, and forget Busby SEO Test for awhile.

Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi

Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi

The main secret of communication skill is called 3V (Visual, Verbal, and Vocal).  Generally Visual takes 55%, Verbal takes 38%, and Vocal takes 7% of our strength.  Visual means that we must understand our words can be visualized.  How you show your expression when you said “heaven” and “hell”, “you get diamond” and “you get just a fan” to your audience.

He also tells us that these days people are difficult to smile.  So we must learn how to have a beautiful smile  :).  The basic course is trying to speak with smile from now.  I agree with his teaching and I will try to smile when I speak, also when I do link building campaign for my Busby SEO Test.

Last but not least is do synchronize.  If you tell someone that you are a business man, then you should act like a business man.  Be a good man in your attitude and your words.  If you have good attitude, then you will have many friends, many sales.  Your friends will help you to sell your products.  Thank you Mr. Tubagus.  I will act as an SEO in this Busby SEO Test.

DieselSS supports Busby SEO Test

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DieselSS.com (Diesel Submission Services) is an Expert Social Bookmarking Submission Services. DieselSS.com is  new upgraded services of HyperBlur.com.  DieselSS services will instantly boost your traffic, back-links, and Search Engines ranking with affordable price starts from $5 (see Default Campaign for Buzz Pack 10). I am sure with DieselSS services, my Busby SEO Test blog will get better ranking.  I thank to Brent Nicholson, the owner of DieselSS that supports my Busby SEO Test.

Here are the services they offer:

1.  Buzz Packs: are Social Bookmarking Submission Services, which will flood traffic into your site and can do so immediately, as well as, help your long term goals with permanent back-links. Choose between submissions to 10, 30, 50, 75, 100, or 150 social bookmarking / social news sites.

2.  Fuel Packs: is a deep link submission service.

3.  Ignition Packs: Deep-Link Search Engine and Web Directory Submission Services.

4.  Adrenalin Pack: High-Powered Combination of All 3 Services.

5.  Ballistic SEO Pack: High-Powered Combination of All 3 Services for 12 Months.

Visit DiesellSS services for more detail. Don’t spend your valuable time submitting your own websites.  I highly recommend you to use DieselSS services for your websites.  Good luck for all Busby SEO Test contestants.

Install WinXP on NEC E6300

December 16, 2008 by · 2 Comments
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In this Busby SEO Test season I will share tips: How to Install WinXP on notebook NEC Versa E6300.  This notebook has Genuine Windows Vista Business edition included.  But my President Director wants to use WinXP Pro SP2 Japanese version.  So I must install WinXP on notebook NEC Versa E6300.

Before you could downgrade to Window XP, you need to go to BIOS and disable the AHCI under the “advanced” ribbon.  The steps as below:

1.  Go to BIOS by keep tapping F2 when booting up

2.  Go to “Advanced” tab

3.  Look for AHCI and disable it

4.  Press F10 to save and exit configuration

5.  Finally boot from the Windows XP CD

Note: you also need to download E6300 drivers for Windows XP here

Thanks for Henry from NEC Asia Pacific that has helped me.  Now, it is time to do link building again for my Busby SEO Test.

Busby SEO Test Tools

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Busby SEO Test contestants use one or more tools to optimize their websites.  So do I.  At the previous SEO Contests I used SEO Elite software as my main tool.  SEO Elite is a good tool that help you ethically spy on outranking competitors, submit an unlimited number of your articles to the most popular online article directories, get indexed in ALL of the major search engines in as little as 12 hours, properly optimize your website for MSN, Altavista, Alltheweb, Yahoo, etc. But for Busby SEO Test I want to use another tool: Backlinkwatch.  I hope with this tool I can win Busby SEO Test.

Backlinkwatch is a free simple tool to check backlinks of your Busby SEO Test websites or your competitors’ websites.  You just type URL of your website to get complete detailed information about quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website.  It will show you “anchor” text, pagerank, total outbound links on that page, and nofollow flag for each of your inbound link available.

Here are the total backlinks of the Top5 Busby SEO Test websites until now:

1.  http://pinayspeak.com/pinaytest/  (1262)
2.  http://www.imfreakz.com/busby-seo-test/  (1346)
3.  http://enticegh.com/busby-seo-test/  (640)
4. http://www.dstudiobali.com/webdesign/busby-seo-test-page/  (9165)
5.  http://umpcinfo.com/gladioolers/  (4105)

From the Busby SEO Test websites data above we can see that total quantity of backlinks is not guarantee to let your website at the first place.  I think quality backlinks is more important to rank your websites higher.  I only have 35 backlinks for my Busby SEO Test blog, but it is PR2 now.   So, it is more important to get quality backlinks to win this Busby SEO Test.

Link Exchange Open House

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Today is December 1st, 2008 1:44 AM early morning. I do Link Exchange Open House today especially for Busby SEO Test contestants, and generally for all readers of my Busby SEO Test blog. Link Exchange is one of ways to get traffic as I described on earlier post. Like the bricks of a house, a few don’t amount to much, but pile them up, and you have a rock-solid foundation and structure. They can also greatly enhance the equity value of a website.

There are some benefits of reciprocal link exchange. I want to get these benefits for my Busby SEO Test blog. Reciprocal link exchange does not only increases your website traffic, but it also greatly enhances the placement of your website listing in most of the major search engines. The few minutes that it takes to add your website details to a reciprocal link partner is a small investment for the returns in increased website traffic and website listing placement.

Here are some benefits of reciprocal link exchange: Value, Reliability, Search Result Enhancement, True Network Effect, Stability, Publicity, Branding, Traffic Driver, Links to other sites is not a net traffic drain, Market Intelligence, Minimal Oversight, Asset Value, and Affordability. For detail explanation of those benefits, please read more here.

If you want to link exchange with me, please contact me or leave your comments. You can add this anchor text “Busby SEO Test MES” on your blogroll and I will do the same way for you. I reserve 12 spots first for link exchange on my Busby SEO Test blog.

SEO in 2009

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Busby SEO Test must go on eventhough it is not easy to share my busy time.  But there is interesting thing that make me want to post a new article today.  It’s about Google’s Matt Cutts opinion.  He talks about SEO in 2009.  Here is some of WebProNews’ Mike McDonald and Matt Cutts interview.

About Ranking.
Matt Cutts said, “I’m not sure I would say ranking is dead but it’s not as important as it used to be. The fact is the smart SEOs are not just necessarily looking at the rankings. They are looking at conversion, they are looking at their server log. It’s great if you’re ranking for a phrase but unless that leads to sales that doesn’t help you very much.”

“The challenge is not to pay so much attention to ranking, pay attention to traffic, pay attention to conversions and keep building good content and don’t worry about ‘can I show people that I rank number one for my trophy phrase.”

I agree with his statement. But for now ranking is still the parameter to judge your site is good or not,  especially for the Paid Review companies.  They will look your site’s ranking first before give you order to do some reviews. In this Busby SEO Test I think ranking is still important.

Matt Cutts also shared his opinion about Universal Search In 2009, Metadata, Video File Format, Mobile, Competing with Black Hat SEO, and Subdomains.

You can read the full article that written by Mike Sachoff here.  If there is Busby SEO Test again in 2009, I am sure webmasters will change their SEO techniques to win Busby SEO Test 2009.

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