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This early morning Busby SEO Test (my family and I) will visit Jogjakarta.  We will leave at 5:00 AM, go to Bekasi Railway Station.  Then we will use Fajar Utama Jogja train, starts at 6:48 AM from Bekasi Station.  We will be in Jogjakarta until January 18, 2009.  I will be very busy in next few days.  So for awhile I will not write articles about Busby SEO Test.

Visiting Jogjakarta is very interesting.  Busby SEO Test usually visit Jogjakarta every 2-3 years. We will attend a Great Divine Service of the New Apostolic Church (NAC) Indonesia .  NAC In Indonesian language called GKBI (Gereja Kerasulan Baru Indonesia).  You can visit the New Apostolic Church website at http://www.nak.org. Our leader, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will conduct this great divine service.  I will forget Busby SEO Test temporarily.

Busby SEO Test already have programs in Jogjakarta.  Day 1 we will visit Borobudur temple in the morning. Then Busby SEO Test will have choral and musical practice in the evening.  Day 2 we will have Choir and Musical Program, starts from Saturday morning until Saturday evening.  Day 3 we will have a Great Divine Service conducted by Chief Apostle Leber.  Sunday evening Busby SEO Test will leave for Bekasi and Jakarta, using Senja Utama Solo train.

Well, it is 1:13 AM now.  I am so tired.  It’s time to go bed, because Busby SEO Test visiting Jogjakarta will begin at 5:00.  I still have less than four hours to sleep.  Good night and good luck for all Busby SEO Test contestants :)

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