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As all professional web marketers know to stay on top of any niche one must be willing to swing with the trends. Myspace and Facebook were two which really improved the way that marketers could not only speak with the visitors of their website, but also network with other website owners and bloggers. After the buzz of these slowly faded and the complications and lengthy efforts it takes to truly set up an effective cross promotional campaign Twitter hit the net. For those who don’t know what twitter is, it is a social networking website that has utilized micro blogging within the interface making it possible to quickly communicate with not only one, but thousands upon thousands of people instantly.

One problem arose from this increase in speed. The much hated spam shows itself constantly in this social network and few realize that spamming on twitter is the downfall of their Twitter marketing campaign. While Twitter can be an excellent resource for leads and networking with webmasters and bloggers in your niche it can only be used effectively if you understand a few rules before undertaking a marketing campaign. These rules should not be isolated to your Twitter marketing campaign they will help in all forms of online website or blog marketing.

1. Do not spam!! This is the best thing that any webmaster, blogger, or any internet marketer can get through their heads to really improve their marketing campaign. Now it is understandable that when someone new to the online world and jumps on the webmaster forums where they learn SEO and link building are the keys to SERPs (search engine ranking pages) to by any means necessary place their ad/link in as many places as possible. What they don’t understand is that they are surrounded by millions of people that are trying to do the same thing and do not want another webmasters spam on their website, blog, or forum. So then what should a new webmaster or blogger do. For those new to being a webmaster or blogger please take the time to learn the community before placing your link, read the rules and when in doubt ask.

2. Communicate (talk and listen) with the community rather than just talking. Tweople do not like to have one sided conversations so when you are using twitter take the time to answer or comment on what is being said. When you do this the appropriate way to respond is to place the @thepersonsname then place your response. You will notice that the people on twitter are very friendly and enjoy interactions so take the time to interact rather than just placing what you are doing or your websites link.

3. Network with other webmasters that are following you and you them. This is what makes or breaks a website, I mean if I really liked a webmaster it would be possible to send that webmaster a thousand backlinks from 5 different URL’s most of which have above PR1. So if someone was really nice to me @makemoneyfree21 and sparked up a conversation which turned into talking about working on a cross promotional campaign more than likely depending on how well I liked their site I would be happy to help them out. Also on your website or blog place the follow me button or link to your twitter account so your visitors will have a platform which to speak with you.

Well these are the top three tips to help you run a successful twitter campaign if used correctly you will find great success using your twitter account to build on your web presence and promote your website and blogs.

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5 Places To Get One Way Free Backlinks

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If you are new to online marketing and have high hopes to make money; I am sure that you have heard about the key to ranking high in the SERPs is SEO and gaining quality backlinks. Though this may sound simple I have been amazed at the amount of people that are not sure where to start when they begin to acquire backlinks. One of the biggest things I would like to stress to new webmasters and/or bloggers is getting enough backlinks to rank well in the SERPs (search engine ranking pages) is not a quick task. You will need to be willing to spend hours daily building and building making sure to place the keywords you would like to rank well for within the text of your backlinks. It is also a good idea to rotate the keywords you would like to rank well for. As you move up the SERPs the chances to make money online increase. Anyway let’s move on to where a new webmaster should look to when trying to gain quality backlinks.

1. The first thing to do when you have completed a website is begin submitting free press releases. A press release website is a website dedicated to a place that reporters can go to find new news. The most successful sites will be ones that are ground breaking these have the possibility to gain tens of thousands of backlinks. More than likely though you will end up with only a few, but it is a good start. To find a list of free press release sites simply do a Google search with those keywords.

2. The next thing a new webmaster should do is begin an article writing campaign. If you have a website or blog it is very important that you know your niche well enough that you will be able to write articles about the subject. Again to find a list all you need to do is search Google for “list of article directories” and you will be able to find one. Remember to submit your unique articles to high PR article directories at first then after they are published start submitting the old articles to lower PR directories.

3. Posting in webmaster forums. Now doing this actually will help you in two ways. First you will get a backlink for every post that you complete and second you will be able to learn all the ways to market a website and get backlinks. V7N Forums is the best webmaster forum and is mandatory for anyone trying to make it as a webmaster this is where I found my lists.

4. Start a blog (if you have a blog start one to support your first one). Ok this tip really is my little experiment so I suggest you do this at your own risk. What I do is in note pad get 5 or 6 sentences that have all of your blogs, websites, and webpages you would like to promote place each URL within each sentence for the keywords you would like to rank well for. Make sure as you go from sentence to sentence you use different keywords for each URL. Next start a blogger blog and begin posting 20 times daily making sure to copy and paste the html at the bottom of each post. Personally I use the free content that article directories have to post on my support blogs. You will want to build a few backlinks to the support blog making sure the links pointing from each post will hit your website. Fool around with the idea and see if you can figure out how to make it affect your SERPs position. This idea is mine I have not seen it, though I am sure it has been used before anyway it is a good way of not only gathering articles on a particular subject, but also getting links from every article you republish. On a side note do not screw over the article authors make sure if they have an author bio to place it under the article and keep the links active.

5. Social Bookmarking Websites: these are usually high PR for example is PR 8. They allow you to submit your website for the community to vote good or bad and again there are two good points to submitting to social bookmarking sites. First you will receive free one way high PR backlinks. Second if your website is very useful to the community using the social bookmarking site and is voted to the front page you have the possibility of thousands of referral visitors coming from the social bookmarking site.
Well these five are definitely a must for any new webmaster trying to get free one way backlinks. Remember that the only reason anyone fails online is they think it is too hard so keep your head up never give up and you will succeed.

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