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In this Busby SEO Test link building time, I attend Public Speaking Seminar at Menara BDN, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Jakarta.  The speaker is Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi, ST, CHI, MCHt.  He teaches us how to get more success in career, business, sales, and life by Persuasive Public Speaking Mastery.  He teaches us how to distinguish between talking and speaking.  I think I’ve made a right decision to attend this seminar, and forget Busby SEO Test for awhile.

Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi

Mr. Tubagus Wahyudi

The main secret of communication skill is called 3V (Visual, Verbal, and Vocal).  Generally Visual takes 55%, Verbal takes 38%, and Vocal takes 7% of our strength.  Visual means that we must understand our words can be visualized.  How you show your expression when you said “heaven” and “hell”, “you get diamond” and “you get just a fan” to your audience.

He also tells us that these days people are difficult to smile.  So we must learn how to have a beautiful smile  :).  The basic course is trying to speak with smile from now.  I agree with his teaching and I will try to smile when I speak, also when I do link building campaign for my Busby SEO Test.

Last but not least is do synchronize.  If you tell someone that you are a business man, then you should act like a business man.  Be a good man in your attitude and your words.  If you have good attitude, then you will have many friends, many sales.  Your friends will help you to sell your products.  Thank you Mr. Tubagus.  I will act as an SEO in this Busby SEO Test.

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