Install WinXP on NEC E6300

December 16, 2008 by · 2 Comments
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In this Busby SEO Test season I will share tips: How to Install WinXP on notebook NEC Versa E6300.  This notebook has Genuine Windows Vista Business edition included.  But my President Director wants to use WinXP Pro SP2 Japanese version.  So I must install WinXP on notebook NEC Versa E6300.

Before you could downgrade to Window XP, you need to go to BIOS and disable the AHCI under the “advanced” ribbon.  The steps as below:

1.  Go to BIOS by keep tapping F2 when booting up

2.  Go to “Advanced” tab

3.  Look for AHCI and disable it

4.  Press F10 to save and exit configuration

5.  Finally boot from the Windows XP CD

Note: you also need to download E6300 drivers for Windows XP here

Thanks for Henry from NEC Asia Pacific that has helped me.  Now, it is time to do link building again for my Busby SEO Test.

Ways to Get Traffic in Busby SEO Test

October 31, 2008 by · 3 Comments
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Well, until today I don’t see my Busby SEO Test blog at the first page of Google SERP for the keyword phrase “Busby SEO Test“. I realize I need more traffic to my blog to get higher rank position. I hope I am not late to get more backlinks. There are now 260,000 pages competing for the keyword phrase “Busby SEO Test”. I will share to you the ways to get traffic for your websites or your blogs, also the ways to get traffic in Busby SEO Test.

First you can use Article Marketing technique. It works well and has become very popular for the past couple of years. Contact popular article directories like,,,,, etc. Write your original, informative articles for them. If you continue to consistently build links to your websites through article submission, then within a few months your websites will be getting good amounts of traffic from the search engines.

The second is Forum Marketing. It needs more effort to visit relevant forums and create your signature linked to your websites there. But this approach is very useful in dominating a niche and also for getting free traffic.

Then there are still Paid Advertising and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. Paid Advertising is usually a one -time base payment. For PPC Advertising (like Google Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored Search, and MSN adCenter) you must pay every time someone clicks on your ads. But this is quick, easy, and effective tool to get instant traffic.

Link Exchange with relevant websites is also a good technique to get traffic. I usually do it with 10 – 12 relevant websites.

You can use Social Bookmarking Sites like to get traffic.

I hope the ways to get traffic are useful for you and also for Busby SEO Test participants.

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