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The firs thing to be started with is that Website design is a constantly evolving art but there are some general rules to live by. In fact, most visitors will only have your website with which to make a judgment of you and the provided services so, it means that you generally have about 2 minutes in order to make a positive first impression. Because of this reason you should take into consideration these 5 web design rules to get you started on the road to success.

Web design rule #1: Easy Navigation:

Of course, you may think this is obvious but, in fact very often what makes sense to you, as the website creator, is not so plain to understand for the first time user. You want to make your navigation buttons easy to find and the title of its destination should not be puzzling . Let’s have an example when you want to send someone to your blog then you should not name the button “More Information” or in the case when you are sending them to a purchase site you want to name it “Buy Now” in order they know exactly where they are going. Generally you have one shot at this, if someone clicks a button thinking he/ she is going one place and it goes quite another, you have a good chance that they will become frustrated and leave your site.

Web design rule #2: Flash Page Frustration

It will be helpful for you to take into consideration that these pages are great to get in some Flash graphics and maybe a message but usually they can be considered to be a stop sign in the middle of the road. The truth is that when the people clicks a link to go to your page they are anticipating a few minutes search to find what they are searching for either a navigation button or a link in your text or probably they expect the link to be a direct portal to the info they require. You must realize that they are not looking for a pit stop along the road with which to spend 60 seconds of their time just enjoying your message unless your flash page is Earth shattering they are looking for the Skip button, or possibly the little red X.

Web design rule #3: Banner Ads are Invisible

The important fact to add here is that they may not be invisible to you due to that you have strategically placed them all around your page like rabbit traps waiting for the unsuspecting hare. As a matter of fact in the 2.0 world, banner ads are antithesis to the surfing pleasure on your site. The users understand that as soon as they click on that banner ad they will be whisked away from your site like entering a wormhole and probably may never find their way back to you. Due to this you should provide valuable content and weave relevant links throughout your text that will make a desire in user to buy that product or visit that site.

Web design rule #4: Where’s Waldo?

On each page you should be certain that your navigation buttons are available and, once more – easy to be found find. You see, it is really very important that your visitors could know where they are on your site.

Web design rule #5: Video and Audio:

You will probably agree that it is better to watch a How-To video for 10 minutes than to read the 10 page manual. Therefore it will be a wise decision for you to make to provide visitors with relevant content that is easy to watch on your website. It should be also mentioned here that you should be careful not to make the file too large since most visitors will step away, or leave altogether if they have to wait 120 seconds for your video to download.

So, if you follow these main rules you can be sure that you are on your way to making a great environment for users who will be glad to come and enjoy your website again and again.

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